Hey guys! What’s up? Have you missed me?!

18472118_10158528293610618_1349580111_o(Photo: @thomasjohansson1) 

Lot’s of things are going on and last time I wrote here ”Ultra kombon” was about to happen. It went great by the way and since then lot’s of other stuff has been going on. For example me and my friend Mike ran the ”Älvdalen Backyard Ultra”, so much fun! (You can read more about the race HERE.) Mike ran 15 hrs (so 15 laps) and I ran 10 hrs. My goal was to run at least 15 hrs with Mike but my legs didn’t really agree at that moment, haha. That’s life! But I’m happy about my race anyways. Finished as 6th female and 18th place in total. Satisfied! 🙂
Can’t wait to race ÄBU again next year. Loved it!

I’ve also started working at a new job since I wrote last time and now mainly focusing on my next coming goal which is Reykjavik Marathon at the 19ht of August (same day as Ultravasan), before heading to Finland for my next running adventure ”Crossing Finland” at the 27th of August. I will start running up in the north in Utsjoki and down to the south in Hanko. Feels great but still lots of things to prep before I take off! 🙂
Why am I doing this again? As earlier it’s all about raising funds for autism awareness and this time for the Autism Society in Finland, ”Autismiliitto”. More info will come shortly. Stay tuned!

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Now have a great Mondag everyone. Good vibes only!


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