412# BYE BYE

(Photo: Thomas Johansson)

2017 is (already!?) almost over so soon it’s time so say good bye. 

How’s your 2017 been? I’ll raise my hand to ”ups and downs” cause it’s truly been a roller coaster – for sure. But after rain there’s always sunshine. 🙂

I got a feeling that 2018 is going to be the best year so far – even though parts of 2016 still is hard to beat. 2016 was a very tough year for me but also the greatest so far. Hallelujah for my strong mind, that’s what I can say about that. It’s all about mindset if you ask me. But we also need to let us fall when we’re down – in order to build ourselves back up again. It’s ok not to be ok, remember that.

But let’s not get all negative about what’s to come before it even started. What I mean is that if we believe it will, then 2018 is going to be great! I assure you.  



411# WHITE


Hey there! 2nd of December already and it’s not green outside at all anymore like on most of the pictures above. So much white glitter outside and I just LOVE IT. How do you feel about winter and do you still love to spend time outdoors or are you more of an indoor person during winter? 

I love the outdoors no matter what time of the year and I still run during winter. Running in pow pow is pure happiness! 🙂 The only tricky thing is that it’s slippery during winter but it’s not really a problem if you’ve got the right gear and even easier if you know the tracks well. 

Here in Dalarna we’ve got a lot of that white glitter so that’s what I will be enjoying this weekend.

I’ve started to plan 2018 a bit so if you’ve got any tips for me about nice races next year – give me a shout out on Instagram

Have a great weekend!