411# WHITE


Hey there! 2nd of December already and it’s not green outside at all anymore like on most of the pictures above. So much white glitter outside and I just LOVE IT. How do you feel about winter and do you still love to spend time outdoors or are you more of an indoor person during winter? 

I love the outdoors no matter what time of the year and I still run during winter. Running in pow pow is pure happiness! 🙂 The only tricky thing is that it’s slippery during winter but it’s not really a problem if you’ve got the right gear and even easier if you know the tracks well. 

Here in Dalarna we’ve got a lot of that white glitter so that’s what I will be enjoying this weekend.

I’ve started to plan 2018 a bit so if you’ve got any tips for me about nice races next year – give me a shout out on Instagram

Have a great weekend!


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