Photo: @thomasjohansson1

I was close to head out with my outdoor gear and tent last night but time ran away and the weather felt too cold. You see my tent, sleeping bag and down mat isn’t made for winter (it’s for ”3 season”) so I figured it was a bit too cold to try it, mostly cause it was windy. But I want to try it all to see how the comfort is even if it’s not made for this season. (I know my MSR tent is doing well during winter but haven’t tried my sleeping bag yet!) So let’s wait and see how the weather looks the next coming days instead! 

This weekend went by fast (as always) even though I haven’t done much really, haha. Spent time both indoors and outdoors, with family. What’s up with you?
Calm weekends are nice too tough – even if I like when a lot of things are going on. But hey – this might be the calm before the storm cause most of my weeks and weekends ahead are already filled with lots of fun stuff. Just wait and see! Stay tuned. 

Right now the sun’s shining here in Dalarna, Sweden. Love it! Sunshine’s the best. 

Have a great Sunday y’all!