For those of you who wants to know something new!

I have become the new leader of the Swedish project ”Kvinnliga Äventyrare” by Mora Kniv. Feels amazing?! I have for a long time checked this community out and know I am actually the person behind it all.. yikes!

It’s a lot of new things to learn but hopefully you will like it still even if these two fantastic power women Angelica and Emelie isn’t doing it anymore. They are heading out for some new adventures!

Please listen to the pod above (it’s in Swedish) if you haven’t already. ❤

So, new things guys. Nice right? I just gotta get myself into it all and then we’ll just rock and roll! So please bare with me. 🙂

It’s going to be so epic and awesome to meet all of you female adventurers and outdoor lovers out there! See ya. Promise!



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