421# MI CASA


Simplicity. It’s nice. Silence. I like that too. 

I like to spend time by myself. I’m often alone when I workout, when I head on adventures or just you know, hang out at home. It’s not that I don’t have friends or like people, haha. I mean, come on! You know me that well by now. I just like to spend time by myself most of the time. Who doesn’t?

When I was younger I couldn’t stand being alone. I felt lonely. Today – never. 

But through time, things happening in life and mostly by my passion for the outdoors I’ve started to love these moments alone – it gives me a calm feeling. During the past years I’ve had a lot of moments to get to know myself  you know (mostly by being outdoors, going through hard times on adventures, solving problems and taking care of myself etc) so today I can’t even imagine that I’ve felt so lonely when I was younger. Crazy! 

So by all of this I just wanna say that it’s really damn important to love yourself! You know. To feel secure in yourself as a person. To stand on both feet and know who you are. To be who you are. Life’s so much better that way. That view is important. 

Alone isn’t lonely my friends! 


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