422# JUNE – OMG


Hey! Some pics to show you what I’ve been posting recently on Instagram.

7th of June already and it’s my grandpa’s birthday today actually! (Best man I’ve ever known and will ever know.) LOVE him. He’s the best.

Anyways – lot’s of other things going on and I know I’ve been really bad at writing here for you all to tell what’s up. Truth is I’m working a lot, coaching runners (once a week), working in other cities etc sometimes, spending time with family, work out, travel and run around between places to be in the schedule. So these simple moments by the computer/phone writing for you guys have been.. well. Let’s say it’s time to do better!

PLUS! Oh I just gotta tell you some of today. We’ve had such a good meeting regarding lilsis and her not feeling well at work etc. So it’s been a tough year for her with lots of things going on plus that she had the epilepsy attacks last autumn. It’s tough but we’ve got a lot of sisu and so does she so it’s going to be good. We’re fighters. But todays meeting about the situation and so on went so well! Phew. Feels so much better. We’re happy and keeping our fingers crossed!

What more.. Well, next week it’s the last running class until we start again after the summer. SO SICK! Where did the time go? What!? 13 weeks with 15 classes are already almost over. Time does fly. This is proof for sure.

We’ve also had such great meetings regarding activities to come, the future and alot more at the Autism and aspergers association here in Dalarna. HERE is a clip from an intervju at the local radio that we participated in recently about the bad situations in school. (It’s in Swedish though!)

So lot’s of things going on here!

Ofcourse I’ve also participated in some races (ultras, halft marathons etc) to see how my body is responding. I’ve been having some weeks of sickness but now I’m good to run again. No big adventures this year though – but next year I’m running through Finland again. Gotta try once more sine I only came 30k last year cause of the flue (stayed sick for 1,5 months). 2019 here I come!

So, well well. I’ve said it before but I gotta remind you – please follow my instagram for daily updates and I PROMISE that I will blog more often from now on. In fact, this’s pretty calming. I like to write. 🙂


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