424# Magical stuff that actually works


(Fun photoshoot from 2015 with my friend Edgar Blanco for my sponsor Ormsalva.)


These are some magical products I’ll tell you that. Do you use Ormsalva? I’m using them alomst every time when I’m running but mostly during colder runs wintertime and cold mornings/evenings in other seasons of the year.

Do you use Ormsalva before/after or during your workouts?

These are my favourites:
The orange and red liniment are warming. Orange is hot and red is extreme.

The blue one is making your swollen and sore muscles relax, which makes the recovery faster. This one is cold.

I ALWAYS use the orange/red one before my run and the blue after.
These are magic. For sure! Always carry them with me on my adventures and using them before my runs (like no matter what weather condition) cause they are sooo nice. Perfect for my sore knees that needs a lot of time to get warm which also means = preventing injuries.


(This post is not for commercial purpose. I just wanna tell you that these products are awesome simply because they are. So this is a tip from me to you.)


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