426# I’m sorry .. what?



Midsummer here in Sweden today.. and I’m like what?? I knew it was today I just haven’t really got that midsummer feeling as usually. I guess my mind is somewhere else.

Just woke up and the only thing I can think of is that feeling is my stomach. That feeling like I longer for something, a kind of sadness mixed with curiosity. Why? Wanderlust.

Iceland. That’s what this feeling is. So here’s a bunch of pictures for you stuffed with beautiful moments and memories. Shared with (mostly myself) but also loved ones. ❤

I wanna go back. And I will. For Reykjavik Marathon again this year, so a shorter trip. I can’t wait. Iceland feels like home and I’ve felt that ever since I took my first step off the airplane 2016. I just love everything about this country. It suits me perfectly. Nature, people, smell, colours, streets, wilderness, glaciers, mountains, history, mindset. Everything!

Feels like a 2nd home even if I’ve never lived there. I get so warm and happy when I’m thinking of going back. 🙂

This year we’re a bunch of friends going to participate in the Marathon again and ofcourse we’re staying at Loft Hostel. If you’ve never been to Reykjavik I can really recommend this hostel. Wonderful staff, great breakfast (and beer), placed in the middle of the city and they gladly help you to book tickets/guide/tours etc. This is where I stay when I travel to Iceland/Reykjavik. Love this hostel!
(This is not for commercial purpose. I just wanna give you a great tip!)


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