So what’s up? Well, it’s basically ”huvudet upp och fötterna ner” as my mom use to say. Which basically means in short terms: I’m doing ok. 

Family is the most important thing to me (should be to everyone) and when someone isn’t well I’m very very sad. Feeling helpless and small – you know what I mean. I want to give my all to change the situation even though I know I can’t. But I went to Kebnekaise as planned on my vacation since the situation became stable (and my family thought it would do me good to go there, so I did). I am home now and even if things are different we’re doing fine. Together we’re strong. Always. ❤

So with all of these emotions in my mind and body I went up north hiking to the roof of Sweden. I love the mountains here in Sweden and I’ve really missed that place. It felt nice to be back. My soul and mind are filled with fresh air and strength – and so is my body. I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever done in a long time. Even if I felt like I shouldn’t go – I’m glad I did and I know my family is too.

Here I am now, at home. ❤ Thinking, smiling and ready to keep pushing forward.

Next up before heading back to work: on Thursday I’m on the plane to my lovely Iceland again. Saturday is Reykjavik Marathon day.

Wish me luck!



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