Photo: Ellinor Korning

Time is running fast and I’m trying to keep up! Sorry for the delay again friends.

Reykjavik was fun and amazing as always but this time I had to quit the marathon after 16k unfortunately cause of a massive pain in my leg and lower back. Those of you who’s following me on Instagram knows a bit more about what happened. I’m much better now already so that’s good! I actually booked a visit to the physiotherapist earlier on my vacay this summer so this was just what I needed.

Yesterday was restday so today I’m back on my workout schedule. Feels good! Heading to grandpa later to cut his lawn and other gardening work and after that I’m not sure yet. Think this Saturday will be pretty nice and slow. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m heading to a meeting with the autism association here in Dalarna.

Lots of things going on!


Oh and 11th of September the Runacademy running class starts again here in Mora. Check it out!


Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


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