421# MI CASA


Simplicity. It’s nice. Silence. I like that too. 

I like to spend time by myself. I’m often alone when I workout, when I head on adventures or just you know, hang out at home. It’s not that I don’t have friends or like people, haha. I mean, come on! You know me that well by now. I just like to spend time by myself most of the time. Who doesn’t?

When I was younger I couldn’t stand being alone. I felt lonely. Today – never. 

But through time, things happening in life and mostly by my passion for the outdoors I’ve started to love these moments alone – it gives me a calm feeling. During the past years I’ve had a lot of moments to get to know myself  you know (mostly by being outdoors, going through hard times on adventures, solving problems and taking care of myself etc) so today I can’t even imagine that I’ve felt so lonely when I was younger. Crazy! 

So by all of this I just wanna say that it’s really damn important to love yourself! You know. To feel secure in yourself as a person. To stand on both feet and know who you are. To be who you are. Life’s so much better that way. That view is important. 

Alone isn’t lonely my friends! 


For those of you who wants to know something new!

I have become the new leader of the Swedish project ”Kvinnliga Äventyrare” by Mora Kniv. Feels amazing?! I have for a long time checked this community out and know I am actually the person behind it all.. yikes!

It’s a lot of new things to learn but hopefully you will like it still even if these two fantastic power women Angelica and Emelie isn’t doing it anymore. They are heading out for some new adventures!

Please listen to the pod above (it’s in Swedish) if you haven’t already. ❤

So, new things guys. Nice right? I just gotta get myself into it all and then we’ll just rock and roll! So please bare with me. 🙂

It’s going to be so epic and awesome to meet all of you female adventurers and outdoor lovers out there! See ya. Promise!



Photo: @thomasjohansson1

I was close to head out with my outdoor gear and tent last night but time ran away and the weather felt too cold. You see my tent, sleeping bag and down mat isn’t made for winter (it’s for ”3 season”) so I figured it was a bit too cold to try it, mostly cause it was windy. But I want to try it all to see how the comfort is even if it’s not made for this season. (I know my MSR tent is doing well during winter but haven’t tried my sleeping bag yet!) So let’s wait and see how the weather looks the next coming days instead! 

This weekend went by fast (as always) even though I haven’t done much really, haha. Spent time both indoors and outdoors, with family. What’s up with you?
Calm weekends are nice too tough – even if I like when a lot of things are going on. But hey – this might be the calm before the storm cause most of my weeks and weekends ahead are already filled with lots of fun stuff. Just wait and see! Stay tuned. 

Right now the sun’s shining here in Dalarna, Sweden. Love it! Sunshine’s the best. 

Have a great Sunday y’all! 




”Create a life you don’t need a vacation from”, they say. Me: ”check”. __________________________________________
I’ve been longing to find that moment when just about everything falls into place. I can honestly say that I love everything that I do right now. I love my fulltime job (very important!) and I love all the projects I’m juggling beside too. LOVE!! Ofcourse some days some might be a little too much to handle (that’s life) but most days I feel crazy happy, thankful and blessed!!🙏 Life rocks and you’re the one who write the rules. 🤙 DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO.
📷: @ellenfrafjallen #oldiebutgoldie #throwback
i Mora



Above is a post from yesterday on my Instagram.

Sometimes I need to write down my feelings and yesterday was one of those days. I just felt so overwhelmed, about everything really! #2018letsdothis


Have a great Saturday and lots of fun!

414# 2018-01-20


I vår kommer jag att vara med som ledare i Runacademys löpargrupp och det kommer bli väldigt roligt!

Runacademy är en löpargrupp för motionärer där du får lära dig hur löpning kan varieras och bli ännu roligare. Alla kan vara med så du behöver inte känna dig orolig för att du skulle vara för dålig. Jag kommer även vara på plats för att stötta dig så du kan vara lugn. Det här är verkligen en chans att komma igång med löpträningen i vår och få utveckla dig till en helt ny nivå.

Under våren kommer du få testa på en massa roliga pass där inget pass är något annat likt. Du kommer få lära dig mer om löpträning och hur det kan varieras för att bli roligare. Du kommer få testa på en massa inspirerande pass och det kommer att bli väldigt skoj! Stort fokus kommer det även vara på löpteknik som är viktigt för att löpningen ska kännas ännu lättare. Runacademy finns på 46 orter runtom i hela Sverige!


Vill du vara med i vårens upplaga av Runacademy?

LÄS MER HÄR om vårens löpargrupper!

Hoppas att vi ses!