Photo: Ellinor Korning

Time is running fast and I’m trying to keep up! Sorry for the delay again friends.

Reykjavik was fun and amazing as always but this time I had to quit the marathon after 16k unfortunately cause of a massive pain in my leg and lower back. Those of you who’s following me on Instagram knows a bit more about what happened. I’m much better now already so that’s good! I actually booked a visit to the physiotherapist earlier on my vacay this summer so this was just what I needed.

Yesterday was restday so today I’m back on my workout schedule. Feels good! Heading to grandpa later to cut his lawn and other gardening work and after that I’m not sure yet. Think this Saturday will be pretty nice and slow. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m heading to a meeting with the autism association here in Dalarna.

Lots of things going on!


Oh and 11th of September the Runacademy running class starts again here in Mora. Check it out!


Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


So what’s up? Well, it’s basically ”huvudet upp och fötterna ner” as my mom use to say. Which basically means in short terms: I’m doing ok. 

Family is the most important thing to me (should be to everyone) and when someone isn’t well I’m very very sad. Feeling helpless and small – you know what I mean. I want to give my all to change the situation even though I know I can’t. But I went to Kebnekaise as planned on my vacation since the situation became stable (and my family thought it would do me good to go there, so I did). I am home now and even if things are different we’re doing fine. Together we’re strong. Always. ❤

So with all of these emotions in my mind and body I went up north hiking to the roof of Sweden. I love the mountains here in Sweden and I’ve really missed that place. It felt nice to be back. My soul and mind are filled with fresh air and strength – and so is my body. I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever done in a long time. Even if I felt like I shouldn’t go – I’m glad I did and I know my family is too.

Here I am now, at home. ❤ Thinking, smiling and ready to keep pushing forward.

Next up before heading back to work: on Thursday I’m on the plane to my lovely Iceland again. Saturday is Reykjavik Marathon day.

Wish me luck!



”Hyper jacket” – Revolution Race
Foto: Ellinor Korning

Revolution Race’s jacka ”Hyper jacket” är en tåligare typ av skaljacka som tål allt från hård vind till ösregn. Den är otroligt skön att bära och är snudd på lite för varm att använda nu på sommaren men blir perfekt att använda på den kommande turen till Kebnekaise senare i sommar där man får vara beredd på kraftiga väderomslag.

De ljusare partierna på jackan är vattentäta och de svarta partierna är i något tunnare stretch-material. Jag har storlek M och får plats med lager under vilket är ett krav då jag är ute mycket i naturen och behöver klä mig efter ”flerlagersprincipen”.

Dragkedjorna är vattentäta och med två rymliga fickor fram samt två på bröstet får man plats med både mobiler, laddare och en mängd annan utrustning som kan vara bra att ha lättåtkomligt. Luvan och nederkanten är justerbara.

På vardera sida, under armen, finns även en dragkedja att öppna för bästa möjliga ventilation.

Jag ser detta som en perfekt jacka för t.ex mina löpäventyr då ett kraftigare skal är bra att använda över en tunnare dunjacka för att stå emot vind och väta vid pauser och liknande. Den är även stretchig och skön så den kommer att slitas med hälsan under mina kommande äventyr helt klart, men även till vardagligt bruk!

Jackan passar perfekt för alla möjliga typer av friluftsaktiviteter och träning. Promenad som topptur som kyligare löptur och aktiviteter i hårt väder.

Mer information om Hyper Jacket hittar du HÄR.


Inlägg i samarbete med Revolution Race.


428# TACK


Runacademy did this really nice blog post about me this week. Thank you guys! ❤

Love being a running coach for this fantastic company.

Read the blog post and have a great day out there! (The post is in Swedish.) I’m gonna do my best to keep inspire you all and who knows, maybe I´ll see you in my running classes that starts again in September?

Have a great Sunday!


Photo: @thomasjohansson1

Woke up today with the happiest feeling and biggest smile ever. Inspired, happy and thankful!

Why? Cause I’ve got the best colleagues, friends and family there is. I’m so blessed to have such amazing, kind and inspiring people in my life. The best ones possible.

Thank you for letting me have you all in my life!

426# I’m sorry .. what?



Midsummer here in Sweden today.. and I’m like what?? I knew it was today I just haven’t really got that midsummer feeling as usually. I guess my mind is somewhere else.

Just woke up and the only thing I can think of is that feeling is my stomach. That feeling like I longer for something, a kind of sadness mixed with curiosity. Why? Wanderlust.

Iceland. That’s what this feeling is. So here’s a bunch of pictures for you stuffed with beautiful moments and memories. Shared with (mostly myself) but also loved ones. ❤

I wanna go back. And I will. For Reykjavik Marathon again this year, so a shorter trip. I can’t wait. Iceland feels like home and I’ve felt that ever since I took my first step off the airplane 2016. I just love everything about this country. It suits me perfectly. Nature, people, smell, colours, streets, wilderness, glaciers, mountains, history, mindset. Everything!

Feels like a 2nd home even if I’ve never lived there. I get so warm and happy when I’m thinking of going back. 🙂

This year we’re a bunch of friends going to participate in the Marathon again and ofcourse we’re staying at Loft Hostel. If you’ve never been to Reykjavik I can really recommend this hostel. Wonderful staff, great breakfast (and beer), placed in the middle of the city and they gladly help you to book tickets/guide/tours etc. This is where I stay when I travel to Iceland/Reykjavik. Love this hostel!
(This is not for commercial purpose. I just wanna give you a great tip!)



Photo: @blancopictures

Woke up this morning and started thinking about something while I made breakfast. Something that’s crossed my mind many times before:
Since I’m a person who’s been challenging myself for a while now and by that got some great moments and situations to get to know myself – do you realize how important that is? I mean to know yourself. To love yourself, feel confident and feel that you have total control. Ok so this sounds silly but this is actually very important. Let me explain:

For example, in situations where I have to take care of myself (lets say during my adventures) I talk so myself ALOT – mostly in my mind, but sometimes out loud too. Like when I need to know what I should do in situations when I’m tired, I need to get food, lost on the route, change clothes and fix my camp. Food is easy to fix on a daily basis but how easy is it when you are tired, your body is screaming cause it’s so sore, you might be crying and just want to sleep? – In these situations you grow. A lot. Cause you’re alone out there and if you don’t take care of yourself things are going to get bad.

These situations might sound easy in a way but they aren’t and the mental strength is most important. The words ”I can so I will”, are true. What you tell yourself is the truth. If you think you will fix this challenge – you will. You just need to believe and realize you are strong enough. No words like ”well, I might but..”. No. You can, so you will.

So what’s really my point?
Well. I get a lot of comments about my looks. Always have. Mostly when it comes to running, but also when I was a dancer when I was younger. People looking at me from top to toe today like ”ok .. so you say you’re a runner.. right..”.
In the beginning of my ultra running and adventures this really got me. I felt pain in my stomach and felt so sad. Like I wasn’t good enough and didn’t have the looks that was needed. Who even decides that kind of stupid thing?

I loved running so much though that I blocked these peoples thoughts out of my mind and kept running. It made me feel so good. But I also felt ashamed since I didn’t look the way people thought a runner should look like. Had words like ”Keep going, shock everyone” on repeat in my head. I was hoping that one day people will look at me and say ”Oh! You’re the runner who does these adventures for autism, right? Cool” This was my goal – to prove them wrong. To make people realize that there’s no such thing as looks. It’s about passion. So I kept going. Maybe one day they’ll realize that they are stupid.

As the years went by things changed. Now 4 years later, well I still get these comments but when they recognize me there’s something else: ”Oh! You’re the runner who does these adventures for autism, right? Cool”

I reached my goal so I proved them wrong. Most of them anyway. I don’t know what I feel though. Do I really need to do these adventures to show some people that people like me can do stuff like this even if we’re not thin enough? Plus that running to me is more about mental strength than the physical.
I can assure you that I don’t do my adventures to prove them wrong anymore. But during like my first 2 years I did.

Running isn’t looks. It’s a passion.

I know you know why I run. It’s to spread awareness about autism. But I am a girl. And I run by myself. With these looks of mine. And it seems hard for people to understand sometimes that I can do this. But you know what? I can, so I will.