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Hello there! Here’s a bunch of throwback pics for you. Some real good memories as well!
(Pics taken by me, @thomasjohansson1 and @blancopictures)

So.. when I went home from Umeå I got sick and needed to get antibiotics for 10 days(?!).. That’s why I haven’t been updating the blog that much. Sorry for that!

Only got 2 pills left now though, 1 for tonight and 1 for tomorrow. Woho! Feels good and I hope that I won’t get ill in a very long time now cause it really sucks to just lay down and rest for over 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!

Hope you guys are having a great Friday and that your weekend’s gonna be great! ❤ 

P.s I’m soon going to let you know about my next coming adventure.
Yes – it’s gonna be awesome! Stay tuned!




A few pics from today (taken with my Samsung Galaxy s6) walking around here in Umeå, shopping and eating with my friend who’s moved here to study. Such a nice city! (Been here once before but that was like over 5 years ago. Nice to visit again.)

The weather hasn’t really been on our side but that doesn’t matter. We’ve got lots of snow today, rain yesterday, very slushy/icy roads before that etc.. haha. We smile anyways! 🙂

So today was restday. What have you guys been up to? Signed up for any races this spring? Tomorrow it’s up hill intervals and strength on schedule. Yey Friday! 

Hey, have a great evening! 

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404# HI THERE!

(Photo: @blancopictures)

Guys, hope you’re having a great week! 1st of March and currently in Umeå! Spending time with one of my best friends, working out and reloading some energy. Love it here!

Time’s flying as usual and next big thing is the ”ultra combo” (63k mtb and 50k running) with TCS Lidingöloppet and Stark Magasin! 6th – 7th of May it is, so that’s where my focus goes. Excited!

Since I’m also an ambassador for the ultra of 50k I have the opportunity to give you a 100SEK discount so hurry up and book a spot for the race! (Use code ”LLult17forsberg”!)

Have a great Wednesday and good luck to all of you who’s racing during Vasaloppet this week!


Find out more and book a spot HERE

403# What is life

(Pics by @thomasjohansson1)

The SNOW is back! Welcome back winter! 

What is life without snow? ❤ 

Currently in Sälen Stöten enjoying the weekend with good old friends and hopefully heading down the slopes on the snowboard soon. But first (!) drinking some coffee simply enjoying some time indoors while my friends are out working. 

Soon heading outside to breathe in the fresh crispy cold air. 

After the long run to Dala Floda for Musikhjälpen in mid December I’ve only been focusing on recovery but unfortunately I catched a cold during this time that’s almost been going on for 2 weeks now. So I haven’t been able to run or work out at all.. this cold is killing me! I just can’t wait to head out again.

Fingers crossed that I’m back on track next week! 

Enjoy your weekend friends! ❤ 



How crazy was Musikhjälpen yesterday?! WOW, I mean .. a new record this year too!
49 milion sek – that’s amazing! We did such a great job! Can’t wait until next year. ❤

Over to something new!

Proud to be an ambassador for Lidingöloppet Ultramarathon and their 50k ultra race in May 2017! 

The same weekend it’s also something new about this race. You’re actually able to make this as a combination with an MTB race the day before! How nice is that?! Quite a challenge if you ask me.. so ofcourse I will participate! 

Read more about this ultra combo (in collaboration with Stark Magasin) and sign up HERE.

(And don’t forget to use the code ”LLult17forsberg” when you sign up, to get a 100sek discount on the ultra!)



A thought hit me today: My two necklaces from Iceland with the meaning of ”home” and ”strength”. It feels like two very strong words for this years important subject of Musikhjälpen: ”cause children in war has the right to go to school”.

Strength and home – why these words?

This is my own two most important things that I keep in mind and the closest to my heart. Why?

Without ”strength” how can I even take care of myself in order to take care of my family and the rest of those who I keep close? I need to be strong to face challenges and life. It’s also important to give and use our own strength for those in need. Like now, our strength is important in order to help eachother worldwide.

And without ”home” I believe I am nothing. My home is my family, it’s my castle, to which I will always be incredibly thankful and grateful for. My home is me and it’s made me who I am today. This is the place I’m always carrying with me in my heart no matter where I am in the world. It’s a place where I can always return to no matter what. To find peace, or even find myself if I’m lost. Home is warmth, love and support. Home is where everything started. 

To me ”strength” and ”home” are two wide words that includes so many other thoughts and types of meaning more then the word itself.

These words are so important to keep close and most importantly in this years cause for Musikhjälpen, these are spot on to have in mind. We need to show love and strength for those in need (always ofcourse!).
So show strength and send your love and support by giving money for this years cause.
Give these children a chance in their own homes and lives to build up their castle walls, help them get a brighter future. 

Help us help them. 

Together we make a big difference. That’s a fact. ❤

(Press HERE to give money cause children in war has the right to go to school.)