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Woke up this morning and started thinking about something while I made breakfast. Something that’s crossed my mind many times before:
Since I’m a person who’s been challenging myself for a while now and by that got some great moments and situations to get to know myself – do you realize how important that is? I mean to know yourself. To love yourself, feel confident and feel that you have total control. Ok so this sounds silly but this is actually very important. Let me explain:

For example, in situations where I have to take care of myself (lets say during my adventures) I talk so myself ALOT – mostly in my mind, but sometimes out loud too. Like when I need to know what I should do in situations when I’m tired, I need to get food, lost on the route, change clothes and fix my camp. Food is easy to fix on a daily basis but how easy is it when you are tired, your body is screaming cause it’s so sore, you might be crying and just want to sleep? – In these situations you grow. A lot. Cause you’re alone out there and if you don’t take care of yourself things are going to get bad.

These situations might sound easy in a way but they aren’t and the mental strength is most important. The words ”I can so I will”, are true. What you tell yourself is the truth. If you think you will fix this challenge – you will. You just need to believe and realize you are strong enough. No words like ”well, I might but..”. No. You can, so you will.

So what’s really my point?
Well. I get a lot of comments about my looks. Always have. Mostly when it comes to running, but also when I was a dancer when I was younger. People looking at me from top to toe today like ”ok .. so you say you’re a runner.. right..”.
In the beginning of my ultra running and adventures this really got me. I felt pain in my stomach and felt so sad. Like I wasn’t good enough and didn’t have the looks that was needed. Who even decides that kind of stupid thing?

I loved running so much though that I blocked these peoples thoughts out of my mind and kept running. It made me feel so good. But I also felt ashamed since I didn’t look the way people thought a runner should look like. Had words like ”Keep going, shock everyone” on repeat in my head. I was hoping that one day people will look at me and say ”Oh! You’re the runner who does these adventures for autism, right? Cool” This was my goal – to prove them wrong. To make people realize that there’s no such thing as looks. It’s about passion. So I kept going. Maybe one day they’ll realize that they are stupid.

As the years went by things changed. Now 4 years later, well I still get these comments but when they recognize me there’s something else: ”Oh! You’re the runner who does these adventures for autism, right? Cool”

I reached my goal so I proved them wrong. Most of them anyway. I don’t know what I feel though. Do I really need to do these adventures to show some people that people like me can do stuff like this even if we’re not thin enough? Plus that running to me is more about mental strength than the physical.
I can assure you that I don’t do my adventures to prove them wrong anymore. But during like my first 2 years I did.

Running isn’t looks. It’s a passion.

I know you know why I run. It’s to spread awareness about autism. But I am a girl. And I run by myself. With these looks of mine. And it seems hard for people to understand sometimes that I can do this. But you know what? I can, so I will.

424# Magical stuff that actually works


(Fun photoshoot from 2015 with my friend Edgar Blanco for my sponsor Ormsalva.)


These are some magical products I’ll tell you that. Do you use Ormsalva? I’m using them alomst every time when I’m running but mostly during colder runs wintertime and cold mornings/evenings in other seasons of the year.

Do you use Ormsalva before/after or during your workouts?

These are my favourites:
The orange and red liniment are warming. Orange is hot and red is extreme.

The blue one is making your swollen and sore muscles relax, which makes the recovery faster. This one is cold.

I ALWAYS use the orange/red one before my run and the blue after.
These are magic. For sure! Always carry them with me on my adventures and using them before my runs (like no matter what weather condition) cause they are sooo nice. Perfect for my sore knees that needs a lot of time to get warm which also means = preventing injuries.


(This post is not for commercial purpose. I just wanna tell you that these products are awesome simply because they are. So this is a tip from me to you.)

Foto: Alewalds

”Möt Tina Forsberg. Tina kommer från nätverket Kvinnliga äventyrare och var och föreläste för 150 personer i butiken på Kungsgatan 32 igår om hur man gör sig redo för sommarens vandringar. På plats fanns också Silva och pratade navigation.

Kolla in deras steg-för-steg-guide om hur du använder kompassen här; http://silva.se/guides/navigation-guide

Kolla också in filmen på http://silva.se/guides/navigation-guide/how-to-navigate/

Silvas kompasser hittar du här;


Gör dig redo för sommarens vandringar

Nu är det dags!

Det är hög tid att göra sig redo för sommarens vandringar – med både kunskap och prylar. Onsdagen den 13 juni kommer jag Tina Forsberg att prata äventyr och friluftsliv tillsammans med det svenska outdoor-varumärket SILVA för att lära dig grundläggande navigationskunskaper och hur du väljer rätt kompass. Det blir en kväll om fjällkunskap/fjälletikett, utrustning och navigation. Alla är givetvis välkomna – både kvinnor och män.

Anmälan görs via https://www.alewalds.se/…/forelasning-med-kvinnliga-aventyr…

Du har chansen att lyssna på två föreläsningar – en om hur du navigerar rätt i fjällmiljö och en om hur du ser till att vara redo för sommarens vandringar. Därefter ges du möjligheten att prata med likasinnade och köpa friluftsutrustning från välkända varumärken under överseende från våra kunniga säljare på Alewalds. Under kvällen får du också möjligheten att köpa kompasser från SILVA till specialpris.




”What gets you going and where do you get your motivation from? Do you know where you’re heading or do you simply ”go with the flow”? Got everything planned or do you freestyle? What’s next?”

These are some of the most common questions I get and I hear them alot. It’s nothing wrong with that at all, I just can’t really seem answer them all actually. The answers are often based on so much feelings from deep within and are very hard to describe for someone else. Like: what gets me going and why can’t I seem so stop? Well. That’s hard to answer in one short sentence. But if I must I gotta say: Cause I love it.

One thing I know though is that sky’s the limit. Go get it!

422# JUNE – OMG


Hey! Some pics to show you what I’ve been posting recently on Instagram.

7th of June already and it’s my grandpa’s birthday today actually! (Best man I’ve ever known and will ever know.) LOVE him. He’s the best.

Anyways – lot’s of other things going on and I know I’ve been really bad at writing here for you all to tell what’s up. Truth is I’m working a lot, coaching runners (once a week), working in other cities etc sometimes, spending time with family, work out, travel and run around between places to be in the schedule. So these simple moments by the computer/phone writing for you guys have been.. well. Let’s say it’s time to do better!

PLUS! Oh I just gotta tell you some of today. We’ve had such a good meeting regarding lilsis and her not feeling well at work etc. So it’s been a tough year for her with lots of things going on plus that she had the epilepsy attacks last autumn. It’s tough but we’ve got a lot of sisu and so does she so it’s going to be good. We’re fighters. But todays meeting about the situation and so on went so well! Phew. Feels so much better. We’re happy and keeping our fingers crossed!

What more.. Well, next week it’s the last running class until we start again after the summer. SO SICK! Where did the time go? What!? 13 weeks with 15 classes are already almost over. Time does fly. This is proof for sure.

We’ve also had such great meetings regarding activities to come, the future and alot more at the Autism and aspergers association here in Dalarna. HERE is a clip from an intervju at the local radio that we participated in recently about the bad situations in school. (It’s in Swedish though!)

So lot’s of things going on here!

Ofcourse I’ve also participated in some races (ultras, halft marathons etc) to see how my body is responding. I’ve been having some weeks of sickness but now I’m good to run again. No big adventures this year though – but next year I’m running through Finland again. Gotta try once more sine I only came 30k last year cause of the flue (stayed sick for 1,5 months). 2019 here I come!

So, well well. I’ve said it before but I gotta remind you – please follow my instagram for daily updates and I PROMISE that I will blog more often from now on. In fact, this’s pretty calming. I like to write. 🙂

421# MI CASA


Simplicity. It’s nice. Silence. I like that too. 

I like to spend time by myself. I’m often alone when I workout, when I head on adventures or just you know, hang out at home. It’s not that I don’t have friends or like people, haha. I mean, come on! You know me that well by now. I just like to spend time by myself most of the time. Who doesn’t?

When I was younger I couldn’t stand being alone. I felt lonely. Today – never. 

But through time, things happening in life and mostly by my passion for the outdoors I’ve started to love these moments alone – it gives me a calm feeling. During the past years I’ve had a lot of moments to get to know myself  you know (mostly by being outdoors, going through hard times on adventures, solving problems and taking care of myself etc) so today I can’t even imagine that I’ve felt so lonely when I was younger. Crazy! 

So by all of this I just wanna say that it’s really damn important to love yourself! You know. To feel secure in yourself as a person. To stand on both feet and know who you are. To be who you are. Life’s so much better that way. That view is important. 

Alone isn’t lonely my friends! 


For those of you who wants to know something new!

I have become the new leader of the Swedish project ”Kvinnliga Äventyrare” by Mora Kniv. Feels amazing?! I have for a long time checked this community out and know I am actually the person behind it all.. yikes!

It’s a lot of new things to learn but hopefully you will like it still even if these two fantastic power women Angelica and Emelie isn’t doing it anymore. They are heading out for some new adventures!

Please listen to the pod above (it’s in Swedish) if you haven’t already. ❤

So, new things guys. Nice right? I just gotta get myself into it all and then we’ll just rock and roll! So please bare with me. 🙂

It’s going to be so epic and awesome to meet all of you female adventurers and outdoor lovers out there! See ya. Promise!