Run With Love

God! I’m so bad at keeping you guys updated here I know so please follow me on Instagram for constant daily updates. I’m working on posting here but well, not there yet. Life happens and in full speed right now. (I know I’ve promised you guys to be better at posting here before but.. So sorry for that!)

Hope to see you more often on Instagram.

Speaking about updates!
I had a very nice talk with my friend Jënni on her podcast ”Run with love” the other day and if you want to you are most welcome to listen to our chat here: Run with love

Take care and see you later guys!


Photo: Thomas Johansson

The last two weeks has gone fast and I couldn’t feel happier about that.

As some of you know something terrible happend to us during Easter so we’re nothing but glad that time is moving.

So the inspiration is coming back and it’s so nice to be out running in this fresh spring weather. Don’t you agree? I’m running a couple of times a week, walking too and started with some easy strength workouts at home some weeks ago.

Even if it’s a strange time now cause of Corona I’ve started to feel some sort of calming feeling. Probably because our bubble of grieve has started to fade and hopefully disappear.

About Corona – it’s nothing we can do other than staying home as much as possible, staying home from work if we feel sick and try to keep the motivation up as far as possible. And ofcourse wash our hands and all that, not travel .. I think you know it all by now.

So let’s get this Tuesday started. Both me and Thomas are working late this week so I’m heading out in the woods for a while before work. ❤



Have a great day guys. Take care and stay calm.


Photo: Edgar Blanco

To me it’s like I’ve never stoped or quit with what I do –
I just needed a break. Some years to pause, grow and reload.

I’ve promised you guys (a couple of times actually) to keep bloging but as you know I haven’t. Feels like I’m always telling you that I’m low on energy and feeling down and truth is that’s been the case.

We’re only human. It doesn’t matter how strong we might feel (both physically and mentally), how happy we might feel and how easy things might seem. When family and friends get sick or hurt, when you get sick or hurt or when the level of stress beats down your system it’s not really much that you can do. Your body might react in one way and your head in another. As for me. You feel like a roller coaster, you need a break and in time you rise again. Stronger. It’s far from fun but it is what it is.

The most frustrating part is that it’s really nothing you can do other than take time to heal and start again later.

At first I didn’t feel like making a blog post as deep as this but you know me – I wanna be truthful and real. Social media is way too edited and colourful. Don’t get me wrong please, life is fantastic, wonderful and exciting too but don’t forget that every single person has their own story and their own path to follow. Both good and bad. Ups and downs happens. We need to keep that in mind.

I use to think when tough things happen that I’ve had enough of those in life and that it’s my turn to have some easy flow. I don’t know but I actually think it’s unfair. Like this Friday during the easter holidays. But that’s another story.

Any way..
We’re too good at comparing ourselves with others. That’s not a good thing.
We’re at the same time bad at giving ourselves cred and nice thoughts. That’s not good either. (Atleast this is me, but I think many more people as well. We deserve so much better!)

This weekend I’ve felt some motivation coming back to me and I just love it. Nowadays we have two cute kittens at home and spring is here – I love that. Our home has always felt so warm and lovely but since these two moved in it’s been even.
We all need to find some positive views in this strange Corona-time as well to lighten up ourselves.

Hope you are feeling well friends. Take care, wash your hands and listen to the directions from the news etc. Hopefully this will be over soon..

So lets try again. I’m back. Have you missed me?

I know for sure that I’ve missed sitting in front of the computer with a cup of coffee talking (writing) with you guys. As I mentioned earlier in my mind I’ve never stoped. I still love doing this so I will continue. It’s just been a few years of ”me time” lately.

In the nearest future another adventure might take place (stay tuned for that) and I’m looking forward to heading into that with you guys. Fingers crossed as usual and..

stay tuned.


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See you soon again!

2 0 2 0


I haven’t used my blog for a while and for those of you who’s been following my other social media channels, like Instagram, well you knows what’s been going on.

Currently got some struggles with the website of my blog so we’ll see in the nearest future if I will change website to something else or not. Until then I’m using the app on my phone.

I’m excited about start using my blog again once in a while! Hope you are too!

Went out ice skating today and yesterday with my boyfriend and he took some very nice photos during the sunrise. He’s pretty good right!! These are not edited even. Anyway it was fantastic. The colours in the sky. Just us two and the silence.



Photo: Ellinor Korning

Time is running fast and I’m trying to keep up! Sorry for the delay again friends.

Reykjavik was fun and amazing as always but this time I had to quit the marathon after 16k unfortunately cause of a massive pain in my leg and lower back. Those of you who’s following me on Instagram knows a bit more about what happened. I’m much better now already so that’s good! I actually booked a visit to the physiotherapist earlier on my vacay this summer so this was just what I needed.

Yesterday was restday so today I’m back on my workout schedule. Feels good! Heading to grandpa later to cut his lawn and other gardening work and after that I’m not sure yet. Think this Saturday will be pretty nice and slow. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m heading to a meeting with the autism association here in Dalarna.

Lots of things going on!


Oh and 11th of September the Runacademy running class starts again here in Mora. Check it out!


Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


So what’s up? Well, it’s basically ”huvudet upp och fötterna ner” as my mom use to say. Which basically means in short terms: I’m doing ok. 

Family is the most important thing to me (should be to everyone) and when someone isn’t well I’m very very sad. Feeling helpless and small – you know what I mean. I want to give my all to change the situation even though I know I can’t. But I went to Kebnekaise as planned on my vacation since the situation became stable (and my family thought it would do me good to go there, so I did). I am home now and even if things are different we’re doing fine. Together we’re strong. Always. ❤

So with all of these emotions in my mind and body I went up north hiking to the roof of Sweden. I love the mountains here in Sweden and I’ve really missed that place. It felt nice to be back. My soul and mind are filled with fresh air and strength – and so is my body. I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever done in a long time. Even if I felt like I shouldn’t go – I’m glad I did and I know my family is too.

Here I am now, at home. ❤ Thinking, smiling and ready to keep pushing forward.

Next up before heading back to work: on Thursday I’m on the plane to my lovely Iceland again. Saturday is Reykjavik Marathon day.

Wish me luck!