In less then 11 days we’re out on the roads again, me and my friend Mike! 
”A run for change” is back in business and so this will be my 4th time to participate in this epic and awesome charity event/project. 

This year we’re fighting (running) and collecting money cause children in war has the right to go to school. 

Read more about this years adventure, how to give money etc HERE. 

397# IT’S TIME

(Old photo from my first running adventure ever. First marathon. First ultra. June 2014. Some great memories and beginning of a new life started here.
Photo by the awesome @blancopictures)

Can’t keep myself from telling you guys what’s to come anymore so here goes! 

I’m back on track with a new running adventure with my old coach and friend Mike!! 

This’s gonna be so tough and epic – just wait and see.
So what are we gonna do? We’re gonna participate in the charity event Musikhjälpen under the name ”A run for change” (this is my 4th time and Mikes 3rd time) by running from my hometown Mora to Örebro (where the event is based this year) .. which is a run of about 240k. No support, no comfort, no sleep.

START: Saturday morning 06:00 December 10th!

READ MORE, FOLLOW and LIKE the FB-page here

396# F R O Z E N

Some pics from this lovely day. Photos by Thomas Johansson.

How’s your Saturday going? Mine is going all good! Just sitting by the computer right now editing and fixing some pics from today by Thomas but also by my GoPro (Hero 4 Black). Sunny and a bit cold today – just how I like it. Epic. 

So, I might have a little running adventure coming up in just a bit. Exciting! Feeling really motivated and excited to challenge my body (and mind) again so I figured why not?  My body is responding good to my workouts as well so it feels absolute possible to give this a try! (Can’t let Musikhjälpen just slip away without participating for the 4th time in a row, right? Haha.)

Stay tuned for more info about this up coming thing.



Okey so apparently my little baby disappeared yesterday. (By baby I mean my Smartphone.. haha) Not fun at all actually but I guess I’m fine at the moment.
Felt sad yesterday but I guess these things happens(?).
(Never happened to me before though so I’d like to say ”shit happens”.)

So my instagram etc will not be updated in a couple of days, so you know..
The problem is that I have so many important things on my phone and I also need it at work! So it seems I need to buy a new one.. (so frustrating!) Would be the happiest person ever if someone gave it back to me.

”It’s just a phone”, I know but still to me it’s so much more. Got so many memories and pictures on that phone also. Blä. But okey.. 

So, how’s your Sunday going? Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend.

-Hakuna matata



Where does your adventures take you today? 
(Photo: @thomasjohansson1)

It’s snowing outside! Can you believe it?! Haha well, sure we can. Just hoping that it would stay on the ground this time. Does it snow where you’re at? 

Been working out pretty good this week! Feels good to be back on track and my body seems to keep up as well. Yey! This week easy cardio and strength is what I’ve been focusing on so next week I’ll try to push it to a higher level. One step at a time – don’t wanna push my body to hard to fast.🙂  

Have a great Saturday guys!