Winter is coming soon, can’t wait..

How’s your weekend going? Can’t believe it’s Saturday already..
Today I’m spending time at the local bath house welcoming members from Autism- och aspergerföreningen Dalarna! Also drinking lots of coffee and working at the same time.
Multitasking is my middle name, haha!
And tomorrow I’m waking up early to take some new photos (outdoors ofcourse) with a friend! Looking forward to it!

Oh, and guess what? I’ve got a new collaboration coming up! Will tell you more about that shortly.. Stay tuned!


I just love Sundays, don’t you? Sleep for as long as you want, eat breakfast at least 2 times, enjoy the moment of no need to check the to-do-list and simply just sit down and let yourself be. I love Sundays.

So how’s your weekend going? Mine is moving way fast (as usual these days) even if I haven’t really been doing much. Spent time with family, enjoyed sleeping late in the mornings and actually spent a lot of time in front of the tv just to let myself ”do nothing” for once. Haha. Doesn’t really sound like me I know! It’s been a good calm weekend and now I’m looking forward to a long walk outside with some strength training when I get back. 

Enjoy your Sunday 

382# Is it too late now to say sorry?

Well friends, as you might have figured, I haven’t really been able to prioritize the blog lately and I’m so sorry for that! I’m trying my best but work has been taking a lot of my time and I’ve also been travelling a lot during the weekends (which makes it a lot easier to only use instagram at those moments). But I will do my best to change this from now on! You should really follow my instagram for daily updates though! : )


Lidingöloppet is coming up! I’m gonna run the 30k race, are you gonna participate? You should! It’s so much fun. 

And oh, have you checked out Salomon’s updated website yet? I just love it.
(Click on the pic below to get there!)


381# The Clif Bar Story

Can honestly say that the ClifBar products are the best I’ve ever used and the bars work in all kinds of situations during a day. During long runs, snack between meals at home or at work, at the gym or what ever – always bringing some bars with me, they always come in handy!
I’ve got a quite sensitive stomach so their products are on top! They are healthy, tasty and gives a lot of energy!

When running ultras or on adventures for many days I always use the gels and ”bloks” also. Especially love the Bloks, my favourite powerboost. Awesome!

Got yourself a favourite Clif Bar product?

Visit their website for more and don’t forget to check out the ClifBar Facebook and Instagram