The woods are calling so I must go. 


Time rushes by! The past weekend was spent in Iceland and tomorrow I’m off to Finland for my next running adventure ”Crossing Finland”. 

I will have internet connection but don’t know if it’s complete radio silence up in Utsjoki or not, haha.

But please follow me on Instagram cause I will focus on updating there and also share from there to Facebook! Would love to have you guys following my journey.

So, on Sunday I start my run from Utjoki in the north down to Hanko/Hangö in the south. Wish me luck and I’ll be seeing you! 🙂 


Bye bye Sweden! Today I’m off to Suomi with my grandpa to visit relatives down south. After that there’s some days of work and then I’m off to Iceland for the Reykjavik marathon AND THEN heading back to Sweden to fix the gear and head back to Suomi to start my running adventure. August is such a crazy month, haha. But I love it!



Oh and feel free to check the online education about autism, it’s free! Since it’s so important to spread knowledge, education and information about autism awareness the Swedish autism association has made this short and easy education for you guys. Enjoy!

Have a great day!


Hey guys! What’s up? Have you missed me?!

18472118_10158528293610618_1349580111_o(Photo: @thomasjohansson1) 

Lot’s of things are going on and last time I wrote here ”Ultra kombon” was about to happen. It went great by the way and since then lot’s of other stuff has been going on. For example me and my friend Mike ran the ”Älvdalen Backyard Ultra”, so much fun! (You can read more about the race HERE.) Mike ran 15 hrs (so 15 laps) and I ran 10 hrs. My goal was to run at least 15 hrs with Mike but my legs didn’t really agree at that moment, haha. That’s life! But I’m happy about my race anyways. Finished as 6th female and 18th place in total. Satisfied! 🙂
Can’t wait to race ÄBU again next year. Loved it!

I’ve also started working at a new job since I wrote last time and now mainly focusing on my next coming goal which is Reykjavik Marathon at the 19ht of August (same day as Ultravasan), before heading to Finland for my next running adventure ”Crossing Finland” at the 27th of August. I will start running up in the north in Utsjoki and down to the south in Hanko. Feels great but still lots of things to prep before I take off! 🙂
Why am I doing this again? As earlier it’s all about raising funds for autism awareness and this time for the Autism Society in Finland, ”Autismiliitto”. More info will come shortly. Stay tuned!

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Now have a great Mondag everyone. Good vibes only!



Time keeps flying and here we are, in APRIL!

So what are you up to?
I was sick for some time but have been up on my feet for the last couple of weeks (2 maybe?) and feeling good. Good vibes only!

Feeling both nervous and psyched for this upcoming spring and what it has to offer. But it’s gonna be good! First up is Lidingöloppets and STARK Magasins ultracombo. 6th of May it starts with 63k mtb and 7th of May it’s 50k of ultra running. Let’s do this!

Don’t remember that time’s rushing so it’s about time to sign up before you lose the discount on the 50k ultra: use code ”LLult17forsberg” and sign up HERE.
(It’s in swedish though!)

Have a great Satuday! ❤


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Hello there! Here’s a bunch of throwback pics for you. Some real good memories as well!
(Pics taken by me, @thomasjohansson1 and @blancopictures)

So.. when I went home from Umeå I got sick and needed to get antibiotics for 10 days(?!).. That’s why I haven’t been updating the blog that much. Sorry for that!

Only got 2 pills left now though, 1 for tonight and 1 for tomorrow. Woho! Feels good and I hope that I won’t get ill in a very long time now cause it really sucks to just lay down and rest for over 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!

Hope you guys are having a great Friday and that your weekend’s gonna be great! ❤ 

P.s I’m soon going to let you know about my next coming adventure.
Yes – it’s gonna be awesome! Stay tuned!




A few pics from today (taken with my Samsung Galaxy s6) walking around here in Umeå, shopping and eating with my friend who’s moved here to study. Such a nice city! (Been here once before but that was like over 5 years ago. Nice to visit again.)

The weather hasn’t really been on our side but that doesn’t matter. We’ve got lots of snow today, rain yesterday, very slushy/icy roads before that etc.. haha. We smile anyways! 🙂

So today was restday. What have you guys been up to? Signed up for any races this spring? Tomorrow it’s up hill intervals and strength on schedule. Yey Friday! 

Hey, have a great evening! 

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404# HI THERE!

(Photo: @blancopictures)

Guys, hope you’re having a great week! 1st of March and currently in Umeå! Spending time with one of my best friends, working out and reloading some energy. Love it here!

Time’s flying as usual and next big thing is the ”ultra combo” (63k mtb and 50k running) with TCS Lidingöloppet and Stark Magasin! 6th – 7th of May it is, so that’s where my focus goes. Excited!

Since I’m also an ambassador for the ultra of 50k I have the opportunity to give you a 100SEK discount so hurry up and book a spot for the race! (Use code ”LLult17forsberg”!)

Have a great Wednesday and good luck to all of you who’s racing during Vasaloppet this week!


Find out more and book a spot HERE